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Sizzle Media is your partner for captivating visual content and brand development. We specialize in videography, social media content, business promotional videos, brand development, and WordPress website builds.




We cater specifically to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and real estate agents.  Our skilled team creates stunning videos, engaging social media content and visually striking promotional material.

We also provide comprehensive brand development solutions to ensure your identity is memorable and resonates with your target audience.

With our expert WordPress website builds, we elevate your online visibility and empower you to make a sizzling impact in your industry!

Meet Our Team

Eric Rodriguez

Eric Rodriguez


Co-Founder / CEO


After a career as a professional baseball player Eric entered the real estate space. For the past 10 years his main focus has been discovering new creative ways to provide value to Realtors and entrepreneurs across the country. Now his mission has become to create media content that helps entrepreneurs engage with their clients.


Trevor Otsuka

Trevor Otsuka


Co-Founder / COO


After a decade in hospitality on the Las Vegas Strip, Trevor entered the real estate space as a Mortgage Loan Officer. Creating video content started as a way to generate additional business and has bloomed into a passion. Now, along with Eric, he has recognized his desire to help other entrepreneurs thrive in their respective businesses.